we want to work with cool people. are you guys cool?
Oh, yeah. We’re cool.

Well, we’re incredibly easy going and laid back. When we’re documenting your wedding, we’re there to tell the story of your day – not to dictate the flow, or create a series of contrived images that make you look or feel awkward or out of place. We know your day is about you, your families, your friends, and most of all – your marriage. We respect that by not interfering with your traditions and the natural unfolding of your events. You get to be 100% yourself, and we’ll still manage to tell your entire story beautifully and completely. That’s what makes us so cool.

oh, okay. we can dig it. but how are you outside of weddings?
We’re married and boring. We like Netflix marathons and cooking at home. Mike could watch prison reality shows all day long, and Charo spends her days obsessing over recipes and planning our dream vacation that still hasn’t happened. We’re more likely to meet you at a bar for beers than to make you come see us in our “presentation room”. Fact: we don’t have a “presentation room”.

how did you start shooting weddings?
It was around the year 2000. A friend of Charo’s knew that she had fancy cameras and did a lot of sports photography on the side, and begged her to photograph his niece’s wedding. That particular wedding was a bit of a catastrophe, and Charo swore off weddings for life. Two years later, she had ten weddings under her belt (all for friends and friends-of-friends), and realized that she actually LOVED them. In 2002, she opened “A Thousand Words Photography” which was quickly renamed to Charo Photo after she figured out how lame her first business name was. In 2010, Mike started shooting with Charo, and by mid-2011 we both knew it was fate – our shooting styles and our love for weddings (and each other) made perfect sense. The final name change took place officially in late 2011.

how many weddings have you photographed?
Since 2000? Just about 450. When we hit 500, we’re throwing a massive party. You’re totally invited.

what’s your photographic style?
It’s much like our personal style, really – laid back, respectful, observant. We try not to describe our work in any trendy ways, but the closest we can get is “documentary”.

where are you guys from?
Charo was born and raised in Hawaii, and Mike was born in Germany and raised between Alaska, and North Carolina. Somehow, we both ended up in Wilmington NC at a very cool craft beer bar on a fateful night in 2010, and the rest is a whirlwind of romantic history and hilarity.

it’s your last night on earth – what’s for dinner?
Oooooh, neat question! Where do you come up with these? Okay, so I’m gonna have to go with a huge bowl of Thai curry with an unreasonable amount of rice, and spumoni ice cream for dessert. Mike’s having Sloppy Joes with french fries and a vanilla coke.

do you shoot gay weddings?
Why the hell wouldn’t we? A wedding is a wedding is a wedding.

if you could only watch one show for the rest of your life, what would it be?
That’s easy – Buffy the Vampire Slayer for Charo. Mike has walked away from me as I’m writing this, and I have no idea when he’ll be back, so I’ll answer for him. Whatever is on Adult Swim.

what kind of name is Charo, anyway?
It’s Spanish! It’s actually a nickname for the Spanish name Rosario, which may be one of the coolest girl’s names ever, but alas – my parents named me “Charo” and I’ve been spelling and pronouncing it for people my whole life. It rhymes with “borrow” and “tomorrow”, in case you’re wondering.